Creating Beautiful Products that Make People Feel Good

 Renaissance Bath & Body started as a hobby that evolved into an entrepreneurial pursuit. Making soaps and bath products is a talent and passion. I discovered the joys of soap making and decided to learn all I could about the craft. To make my soaps special, I incorporated my love of history into each soap. Each product is inspired by a historical woman.

My approach is simple; create something that I would love to use myself. So I take the time to research each product to make sure that the combination of ingredients will be luxurious and beneficial to my customers.

I set high goals and achieve them. This is all to provide YOU, the user, a wonderful experience. 


A little about our Renaissance Bath & Body mission…

My mission is to convert people from commercial soaps and body products to natural products free of harmful ingredients. Natural products can look as beautiful as they feel.

How it all started

I love history and I have a fascination with royalty and historic figures. When I decided to start selling soap in 2013, I learned that there are people just like me. History nerds who are dedicated to self care and indulging in luxury beauty products.

In the beginning...

I made soap for my personal use in my Washington, DC craft room. I sold at local craft shows and festivals and built a loyal customer base.

Where we are today...

I still sell at a few select craft shows. Now I sell online. I wanted to delight my current and new customers with a monthly treat of curated bath products so I decided to offer a subscription box.

Month to Month subscriptions can be cancelled anytime. A 3, 6, or 12 month subscription is the perfect way or a way to indulge in self care.